Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Urine Control Pet and Problem Odor Removal, Albuquerque and Beyond

Do you have problems with pet odor (dog, cat urine), sickroom accidents, building facility odor (restrooms), or dog run/kennel smells?
Urine Control is now available in Albuquerque NM at various locations.
We're also selling on the web, Visa/MasterCard accepted.
By phone, please call for current specials 1-866-599-5454 (hint, these are better prices than on the Web).
We guarantee our product to remove odors from just about anywhere!
It's non-toxic, cost effective and requires no special equipment.
Currently looking for distributors across the US.
Give Urine Control a try today, for your pet or problem odor needs.
Schools, medical facilities, and veterinarian supply questions welcome.


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